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REST v3 Inventory Viewer v1.3.1

Allows you to view users inventories in a Terraria-like format

  1. popstarfreas
    REST API Version:
    Source URL:
    Rest Inventory Viewer
    To use this you must be using at least TShock v4.3 (Pre-Release) and have a REST enabled in your config.json

    This uses PHP! You must have a web-server that has and is configured to use a PHP Interpreter.

    What does this do?
    The Rest Inventory Viewer provides you with a PHP application that can read a players inventory, and then display it to you in a styled page that closely resembles that of the in-game interface. This is useful for checking players for illegal items, such as too many of one accessory equipped, Developer Armor, as well as any buffs that are impossible, such as Rapid Healing, without the appropriate Palladium Armor. It also provides the players position.

    What does this not do?
    It does not display prefixes on any items. It does not have any option for restricted access at this time. If you do not use any sort of directory access protection, then anyone can use the link to view anyone else's inventory.

    Live example:
    If you want to get a grasp as to what this does, you can visit [link]. This displays users from Dark Gaming, and allows you to view their Inventories.

    Current Issues:
    Some images for items do not exist in the items zip.
    Some items may not have a correct item match. I have fixed everything that I've encountered in terms of the items_array.

    Mr.Pineapple got me into designing the display for his TParser which was easily put into this for a REST version. He also showed me how to write PHP scripts that could get data via TShock's Rest API.
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixes bug in last Release
  2. Token Caching
  3. Compatibility