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REST v3 Inventory Viewer v1.3.1

Allows you to view users inventories in a Terraria-like format

Place all of the files in the zip into their own directory such as "view". Make sure this is within a web servers root directory, you will need to access this via a web browser. Once you have placed the files into a directory within your web servers root, visit it using your browser. This will present you with a page that asks for the details to connect to your server. The page may take a little longer than usual to load, this is because it is extracting the items zip.

Now, make sure REST is enabled and that you have access to an account that has permissions "tshock.rest.useapi"and "tshock.rest.users.info". Enter the IP, Port, Username and Password then submit. If successful, you will now see a users list. This page is now usable by anyone who knows the link.