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2.0 (obsolete) InvSee 1.1

Utilizes SSC technology to copy a player's inventory.

  1. API 2.0 Compatibility

    Now runs under TShock Mintaka v4.3.22 for TerrariaServerAPI v2.0!
  2. API 1.25 Compatibility

    Now supports Terraria Server API 1.25 & TShock 4.3.19.
  3. API 1.24 Compatibility

    Now supports Terraria Server API v1.24 & TShock v4.3.18.
  4. Fix viewing/saving offline players

    Thanks to @Marcus101RR for this version's fixes:
    • Improved consistency on viewing inventories for online and offline players. InvSee will also now only copy HP/Mana and all inventory slots; your character's looks are unaffected.
    • Fixed a bug where inventories wouldn't be up-to-date on viewing or after saving.
  5. InvSee v1.0.8 - Supports Terraria v1.3.1.1

    Also made some small code changes, but it shouldn't affect the plugin's functionality.
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  6. v1.0.7 - TSAPI 1.22 & TShock 4.3.11 Support + Bugfixes

    • Fixed a bug where attempting to copy data from an online player would instead copy their data stored in the Character Database (which is only saved periodically, so there would be mismatches).
  7. Now restores on /logout, bugfixes.

    • Your inventory will now be restored before logging out with /logout;
    • Fixed a bug where a query matching multiple users would return multiple instances of "TShockAPI.TSPlayer" instead of the players' actual names.
  8. Re-upload DLL

    Forgot to upload the proper DLL during the last update.
  9. InvSee 1.0.5 - Supports TShock 4.3.8

    Update for TShock 4.3.8 & TerrariaServerApi 1.21.
  10. Update for TShock 4.3.7 + Colors

    Now works with TerrariaServerAPI v1.20 & TShock v4.3.7. Now has fancy colors before plugin messages!