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2.0 (obsolete) ItemThreshold 1.3.2

Should stop the hackers who "rain" items out of thin air.

  1. Simon311
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    Adds a threshold for dropping items
    Should stop the hackers who "rain" items out of thin air.

    Plugin doesn't have any commands / permissions.
    Will force-kick the player upon reaching threshold.
    Threshold is set to 6 by default, can be changed in config.
    Well, you can reach threshold by opening multiple Goodie Bags really quick, but that isn't good either, is it?


    • Version 1.3.2: API 2.0; Fixes
    • Version 1.2: API 1.23
    • Version 1.1.1: API 1.17
    • Version 1.1: API 1.16
    • No version tick: API 1.15
    • Version Added config with Threshold option, increased default threshold (should fix Extractinator-kick)
    • Version Even more handling for MediumCore and HardCore. Should be sufficient.
    • Version Fix for coin drop
    • Version Additional handling for Mediumcore and Hardcore players, might not be sufficient

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.3.2 API 2.0
  2. 1.2 API 1.23