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1.22 (obsolete) JIST - Javascript Interpreted Scripting for Terraria 1.0.23

Adds server-sided Javascripting support for TShock servers

  1. Wolfje
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    Jist (JavaScript interpreted scripting for Terraria) is a plugin for TSAPI that allows you to make scripts for your server in javascript.

    Jist is based on the Jint (https://github.com/sebastienros/jint) engine and carries many of its benefits. The main advantage scripts have over plugins is the fact that they can be unloaded, and reloaded at any point in time without impacting the server. Jist uses a very smart interpreter that is entirely built inside the .NET framework which means unlike other scripting language implementations in .net, it does not attempt to compile and load scripts or use an external library to run. Jist is very powerful, and allows you to extend functionality of your server quickly and easily without having to write and compile a plugin in C#, and then restart your server.

    Please see http://plugins.tw.id.au/category/6/jist for a more in-depth usage and scripting guide. The recipes section shows the cool things you can do with Jist and TShock.
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