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1.22 (obsolete) JIST - Javascript Interpreted Scripting for Terraria 1.0.23

Adds server-sided Javascripting support for TShock servers

  1. Jist Update 23

    This issue fixes deadlocks that can happen with a lot of recurring tasks in some instances. Jist has been updated to work with APIVersion 1.22 and the latest TShock.
    • [jist] Updated Jist to APIVersion 1.22
    • [jist] Updated jint interpreter to HEAD
    • [jist] Removed internal syncRoot as it was causing deadlocks
    • [jist] Moved to engine syncRoot which protects the jint engine
    • [jist] Updated stdtask to use the same syncRoot
  2. JIST Update 21

    Jist Update 21

    Notable changes in this release:
    • TShock v4.3.6 and APIVersion 1.20 support
  3. JIST - Javascript Interpreted Scripting for Terraria

    JIST Update 20

    This release coincides with SEconomy update 20 and TShock 4.3.5

    Changes in this version:
    • Jist now has a REST mechanism for remotely executing javascript commands: send commands to /_jist/v1/send
    • The jint runtime is now thread-safe, eliminating all of the random script errors such as 'stack empty', random undefined variables, etc
    • New function: dump(o) - dumps an object to the output
    • New function: jist_file_append(file, lines) :...
  4. JIST Update 17

    JIST Update 17
    JIST Update 17 is the release that coincides with SEconomy Update 17.
    • Compatibility with TShock 4.2.7 APIVersion 1.17
    • New function: tshock_npc_create() - Creates an NPC