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2.0 (obsolete) KeyChangerSSC 2.2

Changes special keys into their respective items.

  1. Enerdy
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
    Source URL:
    Plugin Features:
    • Changes special dungeon chest keys into an item specified in the config file. Available keys:
      • Temple Key
      • Jungle Key
      • Corruption Key
      • Crimson Key
      • Hallowed Key
      • Frozen Key
    • Includes three main exchange modes:
      • Normal, which is the default mode, allowing the commands to be executed everywhere.
      • Region, which uses regions specified in the config file as exchange points.
      • Market, an extension of the Region mode, which automatically sets all keys' exchange regions to one single market region, defined in the config file.
    • Multiple items can be assigned to one key, a list from which the plugin will select one at random when exchanging!
      • Default items are the same as the featured item found inside corresponding chests.
    • No item dropping required - in collaboration with Terraria's SSC feature, the server can modify a player's inventory directly, allowing smooth trades between items.

    • /help key provides a list of every available command branching from /key.
    • /key change <type> - Exchanges a key defined by the <type> parameter by one of its assigned items.
    • /key reload - Reloads KeyChangerConfig.json. Useful for assigning new exchange regions as this cannot be done through a command in-game.
    • /key mode <mode>- Changes the requirements to perform an exchange. Available modes:
      • normal - removes requirements;
      • market - requires the player to be inside a region to perform an exchange. This region can be defined in the config file at the "MarketRegion" setting.
      • region - same as market, but every key has its own region. Those regions can be defined in the config file at the "[KEYNAME]Region" setting, where [KEYNAME] is the name of the key.