2.1 OnlineAnnounce 2.0.1

Broadcasts an custom announcement upon player join/leave.

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    • Broadcasts a custom message to all players when a player joins and/or leaves the server.
    • Players can add/change/remove their own messages (with the proper permissions).
    • "Mods" can add/change/remove anyone's messages.
    • The config includes the addition of blacklisted phrases that cannot be used in messages (unless you have the mod permission), along with a default broadcast color.
    • /greet <message>: Sets the user's greeting announcement.
    • /readgreet <player>: Reads the user's greeting and leaving announcements.
    • /setgreet <player> <message>: Sets the specified user's greeting announcement.
    Replace /greet with /leave for the same functions for leaving announcements.
    Use /reload to reload the OnlineAnnounceConfig.json file and re-sync with the database.

    • badwords: Lists words that may not be used in announcements without the bypass permission.
    • default(RGB): The default broadcast color.
    Example config:
      "badwords": [
      "defaultR": 127,
      "defaultG": 255,
      "defaultB": 212

    Changes from Previous Version:
    * Color tags are now expected to be used instead of setting the announcement color manually.
    * I neglected to implement "badwords" filter... oops.
    * If players do not have oa.mod permission, color tags are automatically removed. (Perhaps I'll change that to a separate permission in the next version.)
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