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1.19 (obsolete) Orphan Characters

Manage Orphaned tsCharacter inventory records.

  1. GrandPa-G
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
    4.3.3 prerelease
    Source URL:
    Simple plugin to manage tsCharacter (inventory) table. All records in the table that have been orphaned due to deleted the user but not cleaning up the associated record in the tsCharacter table will be displayed.

    Any record that is checked (first column) will be a candidate for deletion. The Delete button will effect the action. There is no "Are you sure" type question so either backup the database or take the consequences of the action. The list will be refreshed after any deletions. A record will be made on the server console and in the log file.

    The command is either orphans or orphancharacters. The command may only be used at the console. Click on the X box in the corner to quit.

    Installation is just putting the dll into the ServerPlugins folder and restarting.

    [Note:] The plugin was developed as a result of a plugin developed by Ancientgods and a recent discussion about its use. Suggestions on improvements are encouraged.
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