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REST v3 Player Profile Stats

Provides graphical insight on player activity on TShock server

  1. GrandPa-G
    Player Profile Stats is a graphical windows tool to display various meters on how much player activity is being used. A plugin, PlayerStats.dll is used to collect information for two different types of activities. The information is stored in a separate database in the servers configured sql database. The tool will create the necessary tables for the tool to use when the plugin is started for the very first time.

    The information that is stored is based upon -
    1. A timer configured in a PlayerStat.json text file which samples the number of players currently playing and the max number of players allowed. The config parameter - "interval": 60.0 - is the number of minutes between sampling. The smaller the sample interval, the more the overhead incurred by the server.
    2. Whenever a player connects and disconnects, a record is made in the database as to the length of time of the player's session.
    The Player Profile Stats program provides various views of the above data.

    • There are graphs for showing player loads, min and max for various previous time frames. PlayerLoad 7 Days -s.png
    • There are graphs that show the players with the highest average playing time over several time periods. Players that are currently active are not counted, since there is no way to know exactly how long they will be playing which effects the averages. TopTen 7 Days-s.png
    • There are graphs that show the players who have connect the most time in a given time frame.
    Each of the graphs are backward looking based upon the time parameter given on the form. Be careful with the Start value given. If you want the very latest data to be selected, use the Now button to adjust the Start date/time to the very latest time.

    The plugin PlayerStats.dll has serveral command options. The command is playerstats or ps.
    • ps -l => will list the current time interval stored in the json config file.
    • ps -r => will reload the timer interval from the current value in the config file.
    • ps -clear => will delete ALL data from the database for the players history used by the tool. Be very careful using this tool. Backup the database if you are unsure of what you are doing.
    • ps -init => this option will load the database with some dummy data to allow the user the ability to see how the graphs are displayed with having to wait for a long period of time to gather data.
    PS: I want to give credit to Wight's Traffic plugin that started me thinking about creating this tool
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Recent Updates

  1. Mandatory update - Bug fix for stored dates