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1.22 (obsolete) Player Statistics

Gathers data on player activity and announces top in category

  1. GrandPa-G
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    This plugin will capture player data on the following values:

    Player Kills, Deaths, Mob Kills, Boss Kills, Mob Damage Given, Boss Damage Given, Player Damage Given and Damage Received as well as Logins and Time. The data is stored in a separate database (Statistics) for use later.

    There are options to the /stats command to see various portions of the data. The options include:

    -k(ills) - list the number of kills for the player
    -t(ime) - show player statistics about login times
    -d(amage) - show the amount of damage
    -hs(highscores) - list the players with the highest scores
    -s(een) - when the player was last seen
    -l(ist) - show all the data for the player(s)
    -stop - stops the Announcement feature
    -o(ptions) will list all the values of the config file
    -r(eload) will reload the current config file and set all the values and time intervals as specified. Restricted to the server console only.
    -n(otify) will send out all the announcements now. This will not impact the timing
    In addition, there is an "Announcement" feature that is controlled by a config file named StatsAnnouncements.json located in the tshock folder. The announcement system will periodically send a message to all players (and optionally the console) giving various statistics. The purpose is to allow players to know who is leading in various categories. The timing and content of these announcements is configured through the config file.

    In addition to the Announcement feature, a "Killing Spree" scorecard is now being maintained. For each player, the number of Mob, Boss and Player kills will be gathered until a player is killed. Once the player dies, the values will be archived and reset to 0. Config parameters can be set to send out messages when players reach specified plateau.

    Blitz Event is a feature where a player with permission can start a timed event in which all players kills of Mobs, Boss and Players will be scored. When the Blitz ends (or when a player reaches the Blitz goal), the players will be notified of the wining player. Several new config parameters are settable to define the characteristics of the Blitz event.

    Version adds a new feature called Speed Spree. When Speed Spree is enabled, players are given a specified interval to make another kill after their first kill. Any type of kill will keep the spree going. A player dying, resets their kills to 0 for Speed Spree purposes. If the player fails to make a kill in the specified time, their kill count will be reset to 0 and they have to start over. The purpose is to encourage the players to work as fast as possible to keep in the Speed Spree. Several new config parameters are settable to define the characteristics of the Speed Spree.

    The config file contains the following options (defaults shown):

    "isActive": true,
    "byTime" true,
    "KillstimeInterval": 5,
    "KillstimeOffset": 5,
    "KillsColor": [ 255, 0, 0 ],
    "DamagetimeInterval": 10,
    "DamagetimeOffset": 10,
    "DamageColor": [ 0, 0, 255 ],
    "DeathstimeInterval": 10,
    "DeathstimeOffset": 15,
    "DeathsColor": [ 0, 255, 0 ],
    "showKills": true,
    "showDamage": true,
    "showDeaths": true,
    "tellConsole": true,
    "consoleColor": 15,
    "showTimeStamp": false,
    "KillingSpree": true,
    "KillingSpreeThreshold": [
    "KillingSpreeMessage": [
    "is on a killing spree!",
    "is on an ultra killing spree!",
    "is on an ultimate killing spree!",
    "is a Monster! They're killing everything!",
    "is an Unbelievable Player, they're unstoppable!"
    "KillingSpreeColor": [
    "KillingSpreeType": "Mob",
    "BlitzEventStart": "2015-08-31T13:18:34.2646563-07:00",
    "BlitzEventLength": 30,
    "BlitzEventEndByTime": true,
    "BlitzEventGoal": 2,
    "BlitzEventType": "Mob",
    "BlitzEventColor": [
    "SpeedSpree": false,
    "SpeedSpreeTimeout": 30,
    "SpeedSpreeColor": [
    "SpeedSpreeAnnouncement": "Speed Spree is on. Kill quickly or risk losing your killing spree." 

    isActive - turns on the Announcement system
    byTime - Sends announcements by times specified (only option now)
    KillstimeInterval- how often the Kills group is sent out (minutes)
    KillstimeOffset - time from server start to start this group (minutes)
    KillsColor - color triplet for Kills group message
    DamagetimeInterval- how often the Damage group is sent out (minutes)
    DamagetimeOffsettime - from server start to start this group (minutes)
    DamageColor - color triplet for Damage group message
    DeathstimeInterval - how often the Deaths group is sent out (minutes)
    DeathstimeOffsettime - from server start to start this group (minutes)
    DeathsColor - color triplet for Deaths group message
    showKills - turn on Kills messages
    showDamage - turn on Damage messages
    showDeaths - turn on Deaths messages
    tellConsole - display on console as well
    consoleColor - console foreground color. Number between0 15, 15 = White
    showTimeStamp - show timestamp on each message
    The groups are Kills = Mob Kills, Boss Kills
    Damage = Mob Damage Given, Boss Damage Given, Player Damage Given
    Deaths = Player Kills, DeathsGiven and Damage Received
    KillingSpree - turn on the feature
    KillingSpreeThreshold - a list of integers that define when a broadcast message will be sent
    KillingSpreeMessage - a list of strings defining the message to be sent at the threshold level. The list must be the same length as the threshold list. The message will be prepended by the player's name.
    KillingSpreeColor - the color of the message
    KillingSpreeType - define what counter should be used to match the threshold. Valid options are - Mob, Boss, Player or All
    BlitzEventStart - not used
    BlitzEventLength - the default length of the Blitz, in seconds
    BlitzEventEndByTime - true if the Blitz is a timed event, current always true
    BlitzEventGoal - the number of kills at which the Blitz will end
    BlitzEventType - which type of kills will be checked during Blitz
    BlitzEventColor - the color of the message
    SpeedSpree - the default mode.
    SpeedSpreeTimeout - the default number of seconds in which a player must make a kill
    SpeedSpreeColor - the color of the message to the player
    SpeedSpreeAnnouncement - the message that will be sent to any online player or new player announcement the beginning of a Speed Spree.

    The Blitz Event is invoked with the command /blitzevent (/be). The options for this command are

    -bt/blitztype <type> specifiy which type of kills to count. Must be one of Mob, Boss, Players or ALL
    -t(arget) <number> specifiy the threshold at which the Blitz will stop
    -i(nterval) <number> the length of the Blitz in seconds
    -s(art) <hour/minutes> The amount of hours and minutes from now when the Blitz with start. The format must be either xhym where x is number of hours and y is number of minutes. If only minutes then just ym. If nothing is given, the start will be in 1 minute from now.
    -go starts the countdown for the Blitz Event to start. If no time has been specified (-start option) then the Blitz will start in 30 seconds.
    Speed Spree is invoked with the command /speedspree (/ss). The options for this command are

    -start starts the Speed Spree with an announcement
    -stop stops the Spee Spree
    -i(nterval) <number> the length of the Speed Spree in seconds
    [Warning] We believe there is a bug that superadmin users don't get counted correctly.

    [NOTE] A huge thank you to member Kjkillercom for all his help. He made most of the suggestions and help debug the result. Also thanks to member Wight for permission to start with his stats plugin from time past. I could not have done this without either.
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