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2.1 Protector 1.7.0

Protects chests, signs, switches and other objects.

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    Protector Plugin


    This plugin provides players on TShock driven Terraria servers the possibility of taking ownership of certain objects or blocks, so that other players can not change or use them. The content of a protected chest can not be viewed or altered by other players, protected switches can not be hit by other players, signs can not be edited, beds can not be used, doors not opened and even plants in protected clay pots can not be harvested without owning the clay pot.

    And if a player wants to access items of a friend's chest, then the owner of it shall share it with them. Protector offers sharing of protections directly to specific users, to TShock user groups or just to everyone - and it's the owner of the protection doing that, no administrative actions required.

    Stay in control, you define which blocks or objects can be protected, are automatically protected on placement, can be deprotected, how many protections a player can create in general and what can be shared or not.

    Furthermore, one might make use of Protector's special chest related features, like powerful Refill Chests allowing a timed refill of their content, restrict players from looting them more than one time or allowing only X times of lootings in total. Also, if your server happens to change worlds frequently or if you just want to offer your players to use chests which can be easily transported including their content, then you can allow the usage of so called Bank Chests storing their content world independently - imagine them as server sided piggy banks.

    Usually Terraria worlds are limited to a maximum of 1000 chests. By using Protector you may bypass this limitation, check out the comments in the configuration file to see how this is done.

    Releases of this plugin use Semantic Versioning.

    How to Install

    Note: This plugin requires TerrariaAPI-Server and TShock in order to work. You can't use this with a vanilla Terraria server.

    Grab the latest release and put the .dll files into your server's ServerPlugins directory. Also put the contents of the tshock/ folder into your server's tshock folder. You may change the configuration options to your needs by editing the tshock/Protector/Config.xml file.

    • /protect [-p]
    • /deprotect [-p]
    • /protectioninfo [-p]
    • /share <player name> [-p]
    • /unshare <player name> [-p]
    • /sharegroup <group name> [-p]
    • /unsharegroup <group name> [-p]
    • /sharepublic [-p]
    • /unsharepublic [-p]
    • /bankchest <number>
    • /dumpbankchest
    • /refillchest [time] [+ot|-ot] [+ll amount|-ll] [+al|-al] [-p]
    • /refillchestmany <selector> [time] [+ot|-ot] [+ll amount|-ll] [+al|-al] [-p]
    • /lockchest [-p]
    • /swapchest [-p]
    • /tradechest <sell amount> <sell item> <pay amount> <pay item or group> [limit]
    • /protector
    • /protector commands
    • /protector removeemptychests
    • /protector summary
    • /protector cleanup [-d]
    • /protector removeall <region <region>|user <user>> [-d]
    • /protector importinfinitechests
    • /protector importinfinitesigns
    • /protector reloadconfig|reloadcfg
    To get more information about a command type /<command> help ingame.

    • prot.manualprotect Can manually create protections (not required for auto protection).
    • prot.manualdeprotect Can manually remove owned protections (not required for auto deprotection).
    • prot.chestshare Can share Chests.
    • prot.switchshare Can share Switches / Levers / Pressure Plates / Timers / Music Boxes.
    • prot.othershare Can share Signs, Tombstones and Beds.
    • prot.sharewithgroups Can share protections with TShock Groups.
    • prot.setbankchest Can set up bank chests.
    • prot.bankchestshare Can share bank chests.
    • prot.nobankchestlimits Can set up unlimited bank chests.
    • prot.dumpbankchest Can dump bank chest content (Warning: duplicates the bank chest's items).
    • prot.nolimits Can create an unlimited amount of protections.
    • prot.viewall Can view all information of all protections. Usually only owners or shared players can view extended information of a protection.
    • prot.useeverything Can use and any Chest, Sign, Switch, Lever, Pressure Plate etc. (does not include removing them though).
    • prot.protectionmaster Can modify or remove any protection, can also alter any refill chest if "prot_setrefillchest" is also given.
    • prot.setrefillchest Can set up a chest to automatically refill its content.
    • prot.settradechest Can set up a trade chest to trade items with other players.
    • prot.freetradechests Doesn't have to pay SEconomy money to set up a trade chest.
    • prot.utility Can display a summary about all chests, signs and protections of a world, can lock chests, can convert all dungeon chests, sky island chests, ocean chests, hell shadow chests to refill chests (also requires "prot_setrefillchest"), can remove all empty non protected chests of the world, can swap chest data storage.
    • prot.cfg Can import Infinite Chests' data or Infinite Signs' database files, can reload Protector's configuration file.

    Data Import and Compatibility

    This plugin can import chest and sign data from the Infinite Chests and Infinite Signs plugins. Make SURE you create world backups before using this functionality as those changes can otherwise not be revoked. Note that the import features aren't very well tested, especially not with more recent versions of the plugins.

    It's also limited to regular- and refill chests. Bank chests will not be imported. Also, region chest protection and chest passwords are not supported by Protector. If your infinite chests database holds more than 999 chests, all exceeding chests should become protector chests.

    Do NOT try to use any chest features of Protector together with Infinite Chests as this will cause mixed item data in the world file and the chest database.


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