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2.1 PvPChecks 1.0.1

Checks for illegitimate PvP equipment.

  1. Johuan
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
    Source URL:
    PvPChecks disables players in pvp when they use these equipment:
    • Banned weapons
    • Banned buffs
    • Illegal prefixed weapons (ex. Unreal Daybreak)
    • Prefixed ammo (ex. Unreal Chlorophyte Bullet)
    • Prefixed armour (ex. Menacing Solar Flare Helmet)
    • Duplicate accessories (2+ of the same accessory)
    • 7th Accessory slot (only accessible via hacked client)
    • /banweapon <add/del> <Weapon Name>
    • /banbuff <add/del> <Buff Name/id>
    • /pvpweaponbans - Lists all the banned pvp weapons
    • /pvpbuffbans - Lists all the banned pvp buffs
    • pvpchecks.banweapon - /banweapon
    • pvpchecks.banbuff - /banbuff
    • pvpchecks.useall - If players have this permission, they don't need any of the permissions below
    • pvpchecks.usebannedweps
    • pvpchecks.usebannedbuffs
    • pvpchecks.useillegalweps
    • pvpchecks.useprefixedammo
    • pvpchecks.useprefixedarmor
    • pvpchecks.havedupeaccessories
    • pvpchecks.use7thslot