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2.1 RegionTrigger v2.3

Triggers events in regions where players are active.

  1. Mistining
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
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    • /rt set-<property> <region> [--del] <value> -- Sets regions
    Available properties:
    1. Event: event(e)
    2. Bans: projban(pb), itemban(ib), tileban(tb)
    3. Messages: entermsg(em), leavemsg(lm), messageinterval(msgitv/mi)
    4. Group: tempgroup(tg)
    e.g. /rt set-event main-region nopvp
    /rt set-tempgroup main-region vip
    • /rt show <region> -- Gets information about a specific region
    • /rt reload -- Reloads data in database
    • /rt --help [page] -- Gets helps
    Example: How to add a message(5 seconds per sending) in region
    1. Use /region to define a region. And here I defined a region named main.
    2. Use /rt set-event main message , which adds event message to region main. Now, when players enter the region, they will receive a default message.
    3. Use /rt set-message main Welcome to our region! , which sets the region's property message to "Welcome to our region!". Now, players entering region main will receive the message.
    4. Use /rt set-mi(MessageInterval) message main 5 , which sets the interval to 5 seconds.
    5. Now, players in this region will receive the message every five seconds.
    Available Events (New events will be added in upcoming versions):

      • EnterMsg - Sends player a specific message when entering regions.
      • LeaveMsg - Sends player a specific message when leaving regions.
      • Message - Sends player in regions a specific message.
      • TempGroup - Alters players' tempgroups when they are in regions.
      • Itemban - Disallows players in specific regions from using banned items.
      • Projban - Disallows players in specific regions from using banned projectiles.
      • Tileban - Disallows players in specific regions from using banned tiles.
      • Kill - Kills players entering to region.
      • Godmode - Turns players' godmode on when they are in regions.
      • Pvp - Turns players' PvP status on when they are in regions.
      • NoPvp - Disallows players from enabling their PvP mode.
      • InvariantPvp - Disallows players from changing their pvp mode.
      • Private - Disallows players without permission from entering region.


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Recent Reviews

  1. MikeyMike
    Version: v2.3
    Awesome plugin for when you want to create pvp and nonpvp regions. Works wonderfully for our large pvp playthroughs. Not to mention all the other stuff you can do with it. :D