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1.22 (obsolete) Remote Admin Console

Allows remote administrator to manage TShock server

An extension (dll) is required to augment the existing REST API functions to provide a more robust set of capabilities used to manage the server. The dll must be placed in the plugin folder similar to all other TShock plugins.

Getting Started

The zip download must be extracted into a folder of your choice from which you will run the tool. An executable windows program and a dll named Newtonsoft.Json.dll are necessary to run the tool on the windows computer. The file ExtraAdminRESTAPI.dll must be manually copied into the server's TShock ServerPlugins folder. A restart of the server will allow the new .dll file to be recognized.

To use the API first it must be enabled. You can enable it through the config.json file that is created by the TShock server.

To enable the REST API find the following lines in the config.json file (choose a port that is open to your TShock server):

"RestApiEnabled": false, "RestApiPort": 7878,

Change the "false" to "true" and restart the server.