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1.22 (obsolete) Remote Admin Console

Allows remote administrator to manage TShock server

  1. Add few new features plus some bug fixes

    • Save world works, it didn't before.
    • Reload removed, it never work.
    • Stop Server at top works with warning. Be careful!
    • Player and Users - to move to second tab, double click the row. You will be automagically taken to the correct tab. You can still just click on the tab if you want.
    • Error detection of bogus values for dropdown config values. The config name will turn red. This only happens on the values where there are a limited set of options. Be careful of changing HasAlgorithm, you may loose all the passwords. Also, be careful changing port numbers, this tool may no longer function.
    • Default options for config tabs. If you click all the default values will be set in the their respective fields. You still have to click Update.
    • Some internal bugs found and fixed.
    A big THANKS to Trax for helping debug and providing valuable suggestions.
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