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1.22 (obsolete) Remote Admin Console

Allows remote administrator to manage TShock server

  1. API Tick to 1.22

    No changes
  2. Version

    Bump for API
  3. Version for TShock 4.3.9

    This is the last update for this tool. Please note, the item editors for player and user are missing new items that were introduced during the last major Terraria update. There are no plans in the near future to fix this. However, other functions of the tool should work as in the past.
  4. Update for API 19 and TShock 4.3.3 Pre-Release.

    Update for API 19 and TShock 4.3.3 Pre-Release.

    Warning, do not use on TShock version 4.3.5 with the new 1.3 Terraria. The new inventory items (and a few other changes) will require significant changes. I apologize for the delay in getting the latest update for 1.3 ready.
  5. Update for API 19 and TShock 4.3.3 Pre-Release.

    Now supports API 19 and TShock 4.3.3 Pre-Release.

    Other enhancements as well.

    NOTICE - WARNING! Unless I receive some feedback, this resource may not be updated in the future.
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  6. Update to correct Group prefix/suffix update

    Fixes problem with prefix and suffix values not being updated. Requires update of ExtraAdminRest.dll as well.

    Please ignore empty tab - future option in development.
  7. Correct item prefix bug

    The prefix on items when replace in the Inventory tab has been fixed.
  8. Add few new features plus some bug fixes

    • Save world works, it didn't before.
    • Reload removed, it never work.
    • Stop Server at top works with warning. Be careful!
    • Player and Users - to move to second tab, double click the row. You will be automagically taken to the correct tab. You can still just click on the tab if you want.
    • Error detection of bogus values for dropdown config values. The config name will turn red. This only happens on the values where there are a limited set of options. Be careful of changing...
  9. Updates Config Tab to allow color picker and drop down values, WhiteList support

    Colors may not be obtained from a color picker instead of know exact RGB integers for the configuration values. The values of PVPMode, StorageType, HasAlgorithm, and ForceTime are now drop down selections of the valid options.

    A new tab for WhiteList management is provided. No specific validation is performed. Be careful.
  10. Adds update functionality to config.json and SSCconfig.json files

    You may now update the config.json and SSCconfig.json files through their respective tabs. The value column (highlighted color) can be changed with an appropriate value. The Update button will rewrite the files. A restart of the server is usually required to put the changes into effect.

    Be sure to enter correct values. Just as in editing your text files, a bad value for any parameter can cause havoc with your server.