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1.22 (obsolete) Remote Admin Console

Allows remote administrator to manage TShock server

  1. Adds chat to player and inventory import

    Two new features are added.
    1. A color formatted (based on config file options) message is sent to a player of choice. The player needs to be selected from the list of online players and the chat box will be opened. Pressing the Enter key will send the message to the player.
    2. A players inventory and colors may be imported from a local .plr file. The import button will ask for the location of .plr file and will be transferred into the current user's inventory tab....
  2. New SSC Inventory Editor

    A number of bug fixes, minor changes and some better status reporting on updates have been included.
    A major new feature to allow editing of SSC Inventory and colors has been added. The Inventory tab now has the ability to click on a slot to indicate what you wish to change. The slot item will be placed in the Preview slot for editing. Either dragging or double clicking on the items list name will change the item in the preview slot. The quantity of the preview can...
  3. Minor bug fixes

    Bug fixes identified by users.
  4. Adds tabs to display configuration file content

    Two new tabs are available to display the contents of the current config.json and sscconfig.json files that are used by the TShock server.

    The tab for config.json content also displays the definition of each option as well as the default values.
  5. Adds Ban searching

    The Ban list may now be searched by either player name or IP. Also, a fuzzy search may be used.