1.22 (obsolete) Remote Tshock Console

Lets you remotely control the tshock console as if you were using it locally.

  1. Ancientgods
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    To use this, put the plugin in the approporiate folder and download RemoteTshockConsole.exe from the link below.

    The port you connect to with RemoteTshockConsole is NOT your terraria port nor your REST api port, it is the port defined in the plugin's config file!

    On startup of the remote console you will be prompted to enter your server ip, port, superadmin username & password and will remember these.
    If you wish to change these settings afterwards, open the config.json file.

    You cannot use the application without superadmin privileges.

    The plugin itself also comes with a configuration file (in /Tshock/RTC_Plugin/) that allows you to specify the port it listens on (by default 8787), the amount of maximum simultaneous connections and the amount of buffered messages that you receive on startup of the application (so you know whats going on).

    You need to portforward the specified port in order to use it remotely!

    Warning: This plugin intercepts console in and output, this means that the actual tshock console becomes unusable (it will not take keyboard input).