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1.25 (obsolete) Reports 1.0

Allows users to report users

  1. Wight
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    Reports allows users to report other users (or themselves) to an admin.
    Upon adding a report, all users with the correct permission will receive a notification that a new report has been created.
    Admins will get a notification telling them how many undeleted reports there are upon login.
    After reading a report, the admin can then teleport to the location the report was registered at. This means players can, for example, report a player for griefing while being in the grief zone, allowing the admin to be teleported straight to the area.

    • /report
    • /creport, /creports, /checkreports
    • /rtp, /rteleport
    • /dreport, /dreports, /deletereports
    Reporting: /report [name] <reason>
    Eg: /report WhiteX u wot m8
    If no reason is supplied the command will still succeed and the default reason "No reason defined" will be used.
    A notification is sent to all users with permission reports.report.check when this command is used

    Checking reports: /creport <search|id|page <number>>
    Eg: /creport grief here
    Returns a list of all report IDs with messages containing the phrase "grief here".
    Eg: /creport 1
    Returns the report with ID 1
    Eg: /creport page 1
    Displays all reports on the first page of reports, if it exists
    If no arguments are supplied, displays the first page of reports

    Teleporting to a report location: /rtp
    You must have read a specific report before using this.
    Eg: /creport 1

    Deleting reports: /dreport [id] <id2 id3 id4 ... idn>
    Eg: /dreport 1
    Deletes report with ID 1
    Eg: /dreport 1 2 3 4 7 8
    Deletes reports with IDs 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8

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