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1.21 (obsolete) Resource List Displays current plugins

Displays current plugins

  1. GrandPa-G
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    Resource List
    A simple plugin designed to give some information about the current plugins.

    Getting Started
    The file ResourceList.dll must be manually copied into the server's TShock ServerPlugins folder. A restart of the server will allow the new .dll file to be recognized.

    The command is invoked by /resourcelist or /rl. The options are:

    Syntax: /resourcelist or /rl

    The command is normally executed at the console, however, there is a permission requirement in case it needs to be accessed remotely. The permission required is:


    Legal Stuff
    Comments are always welcome. If you have a suggestion for an improvement please don't hesitate to contact me. The dll is offered as an open source project.
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