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1.21 (obsolete) Resource List Displays current plugins

Displays current plugins

  1. API update and trimming of functionality

    The plugin will only list currently loaded plugins.
  2. New option -resource

    A new option -resource has been introduced that will allow the separate listing of current plugins and plugins listed in the TSchock Resource folder.
  3. Update to validate against TShock 4.2.9

    Update to validate against TShock 4.2.9
  4. Update to API version 17

    No other changes made.
  5. Minor text change

    The title of the Author has "by" removed.
  6. Forgot to bump the internal version number

    No other changes than version number.
  7. Minor fixes for arguments and optional argument

    Some internal fixes have been done to better catch errors with options that are not constructed correctly.

    The options also now have shortened forms as well.

    -author | -a
    -current | -c
    -sort | -s
    -verbose | -v