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1.22 (obsolete) SEconomy 1.0.23

Server-sided currency, ranking and economy system

  1. SEconomy Update 23

    This update completely brings SEconomy up to date with the latest TShock and API verison. SEconomy now has a bit more protection against unwanted damage exploits from hacked clients.
    • [jist] Updated Jist to APIVersion 1.22
    • [jist] Updated jint interpreter to HEAD
    • [jist] Removed internal syncRoot as it was causing deadlocks
    • [jist] Moved to engine syncRoot which protects the jint engine
    • [jist] Updated stdtask to use the same syncRoot
    • [seconomy] Fixed an issue where...
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  2. SEconomy Update 22

    SEconomy Update 22

    SEconomy update 22 fixes a few major exploits where players could generate money by using hacked clients to damage mobs when disabled.

    In addition, these items have been addressed:
    • SEconomy now no longer hands out rewards to disabled players
    • SEconomy now no longer hands out more than the mob's life worth of rewards to a player
    • TShock 4.3.12 (APIVersion 1.22) support
    Note: Jist and other plugins have not been updated at this time....
  3. SEconomy Update 21

    SEconomy Update 21

    Notable changes in this version:
    • TShock v4.3.5 and APIVersion 1.20 support
    • Removed locale error messages from the startup console
  4. SEconomy Update 20

    SEconomy 1.0 Update 20

    This version is a major release, updating compatibility with Terraria and TShock v4.3.5.

    Because of my focus on TSAPI performance, these updates have been a little bit delayed, apologies for the lack of punctuality.

    Package Contents
    • SEconomy Update 20
    • Cmdalias
    • JistAlias
    • Jist Update 20


    This may be the last working update to SEconomy 1.0 as I prepare to get into SEconomy 2.0...
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  5. SEconomy Update 18

    SEconomy Update 18

    This is a hotfix release for SEconomy fixing a security exploit causing SEconomy suite to crash servers. SEconomy users are strongly recommended to update to Update 18.

    • Fixed a bug where executing /bank pay command soon after /registering before SEconomy creates a bank account results in a server crash
  6. SEconomy 1.0.17

    SEconomy Update 17

    This is a minor update.
    • Compatible with TShock 4.2.7 APIVersion 1.17