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1.22 (obsolete) Server Events 1

Creates a 24hr event cycle with daily player logins, login streaks, and events to provide data

  1. Wight
    ServerEvents aims to provide a platform that other plugins can use to register events in a 24hr event cycle.
    It takes care of some of the basics and provides tools to allow plugin developers to add their own features.
    • Records daily logins and login streaks
    • Records last login time
    • Provides a REST API endpoint for accessing the above data
    • Allows for setting the hour and minute at which the plugin will raise its reset event (i.e., the daily server reset)
    • Allows for registering methods to be run every x hours/minutes/seconds
    • Allows for retrieving Login Data for any recorded user. Login Data can include:
      • daily login status (true or false)
      • last login time
      • login streak (increased by successive daily logins)
    • Allows for adding new SqlTables into the ServerEvents database
    • Allows for reading and writing to the ServerEvents database
    • Provides an OnPlayerLogin event which passes on Login Data
    • Provides an OnServerReset event which is triggered once per day at the set reset hour+minute
    ServerEvents provides a REST API endpoint: /serverevents/logindata?id={value}. No token is required. {value} must be a valid user ID. Output follows the following example:
      "status": "200",
      "response": {
        "UserID": 1,
        "LastLoginDateString": "2016-01-22 07:42:58",
        "LoginStreak": 3,
        "HasLoggedIn": true
    ServerEvents is designed to be used by other plugins. The Source URL (alt) provides a link to an example plugin, but you can also access it here.

    ServerEventsPlugin EventsPlugin;
    public override void Initialize()
        EventsPlugin = (ServerEventsPlugin)ServerApi.Plugins.Select(p => p.Plugin).First(plugin => plugin.Name == "Server Events");
        EventsPlugin.OnPlayerLogin += EventsPlugin_OnPlayerLogin;
    public void EventsPlugin_OnPlayerLogin(TSPlayer player, LoginData loginData)
        Console.WriteLine($"PLAYER {player.Name} HAS LOGIN STREAK: {loginData.LoginStreak}");

Recent Updates

  1. Quick re-upload of the DLL