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2.1 ShortCommands 1.2.9

A TShock Plugin for lazy people.

  1. Zaicon
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    This plugin allows adding "commands" that are aliases of existing commands, typically for the purpose of "shortcut" commands, e.g., using /h instead of /history, or /bye <player> instead of /ban add <player> Goodbye!. You can also bind multiple commands to a single shortcommands using ';' as a separator.

    These shortcut commands do not show up in the /help command list (mainly to avoid tons of different command aliases for the command being displayed). The shortcommands are configurable in the ShortCommands.json config file and can be reloaded live with /screload.

    The commands also accept parameters. Use {0} {1} {2}, etc. to replace individual parameters, or {+} to insert the entire remaining parameter list.

    "bye": "ban add {0} Goodbye!"
    >{0} would be replaced by the first given parameter, making "/bye Zaicon You suck!" execute as "/ban add Zaicon Goodbye!".​

    "destroy": "killr {0} was destroyed by {+}"
    >{0} would be replaced with the first given parameter, and {+} would be replaced with the rest of the parameters. "/destroy Zaicon a large fireball" would execute as "/killr Zaicon was destroyed by a large fireball".​

    "kill": "killr {0} died by {+}"
    >Nothing would happen, because ShortCommands will ignore any existing command.​

    "lag": "butcher;clear item {0};clear projectile {0}"
    >This would execute all three commands: /butcher, /clear item <some number>, and /clear projectile <same number>.​

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Recent Reviews

  1. Som1 Someone
    Som1 Someone
    Awesome plugin,
    This deserves alot more downloads.
    And an awesome author which answer the questions fast.
    And fix bugs quickly.
    Thank you for the hours your making me save. Couldn't live without it.
  2. Sergei-
    Version: 1.1
    So much stuff has become easier because of this , for example instead of having to write out a full ban reason i can just type /gban [player] and it will output /ban add [player] for "Griefing". Thank you for making this amazing plugin public!:D