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2.0 (obsolete) Sign Editor 1.2.3

Load and save sign's contents to .txt files.

  1. Enerdy
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    Plugin Features:
    • Save your signs to .txt files, then load them in another world or send them to your friends!
    • Copy a sign and then make copies of it around the world through the use of a clipboard.
    • Useful for combining with tools such as WorldEdit's Schematics, as Sign's contents are not carried over along with the tiles.


    Most of the commands will have effect once a sign is read (by right-clicking it) - invoking /signload while reading a sign will not work -directly- as the server is not informed whether a player is reading a sign or not.
    • /sign <page> - Plugin info and available commands / functions.
    • /signload <filename> - Loads a .txt file to a sign. Extension may be omited.
    • /signsave <filename> - Saves a sign's contents to a .txt file. Extension may be omited.
    • /signfiles <page> - Returns a list of valid files inside of the Sign Editor folder.
    • /signclear - Clears the current action (without reading a sign) and the clipboard. (This command becomes available to everyone with one of the following permissions: seditor.load, seditor.save, seditor.clipboard).
    • /signcopy - Copies a sign's contents to the clipboard.
    • /signpaste [-p] - Pastes from the clipboard to a sign. If '-p' is given as parameter, you may paste the data into multiple signs. Type /signpaste again or /signclear to cancel the action.
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