2.1 Smart Regions 1.2

Executes commands when players enter a region

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    This plugin runs any command you want when a player enters a region. You could use this to set a player's team, heal them, give them items, or whatever you want. The possibilities are endless.

    /smartregion add <region name> <cooldown> <command or file>: sets an existing region to a command. The cooldown represents how long the interval is between activations. You can do a command or make a file with a series of commands (each separated by a new line) in tshock/SmartRegions/. You can also use [PLAYERNAME], and the plugin will replace that with the player that is in the region. Example:
    /smartregion add blueteam 100 /tteam [PLAYERNAME] blue
    /smartregion remove <region name>
    /smartregion check <region name>:
    Displays info about a smart region.
    /smartregion list [page] [distance]: Lists all smart regions.
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