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1.25 (obsolete) [SSC] Jump Pads 1.3

Adds jump pads to TShock

  1. Wight
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    Jump Pads
    allows you to define specific areas where users will be forced pushed up, down, left or right. You can use this for all kinds of purposes:
    • Trampolines
    • Adventure maps
    • Noob killing
    • Player catapults
    • etc

    • jumppad width|height|jump|launch|permission value
    • jumppad enable|disable
    • jumppad delete
    • jumppad reload
    jp can be used as a substitute for jumppad.
    width, height, jump, launch, permission can be substituted by w, h, j, l, p respectively.
    delete can be substituted by d

    Setting any value of a jumppad will modify the jumppad underneath you. If there is no jumppad a new one will be created.
    The jump value specifies how high the player will be launcher. Use negative values to launch them downwards.
    The permission value specifies which permission a player requires to utilize the jumppad. Jumppads have no restricting permission set by default.
    Width and height refer to the dimensions of the jumppad.

    Use negative jump values to make the player go downwards.
    Use negative launch values to make the player go left
    Use positive launch values to make the player go right
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