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2.1 StaffApply v1.2.2

A plugin to let users apply to be part of the staff directly on the server.

  1. Ryozuki
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
    Source URL:
    • /apply <rank> // e.g: helper / mod / admin - Apply for one rank (See StaffApply.json to edit or add ranks)
    • /answer <whatever> // Write your application, can be used multiple times.
    • /sendapplication // Sends the Staff Application
    Applications are saved on a txt file under the folder named "StaffApplications"

    You can add more ranks and more questions if you want.

    Important! You need to enable lesssecureaps on your gmail configuration to let mail work: https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps

    Sample config (autogenerated by plugin):
      "AppRanks": [
      "Questions": [
        "Why you want to apply?",
        "You think you are enough mature for this rank?",
        "How can you help others?",
        "What would you do if someone breaks a rule?"
      "EnableMail": true,
      "AdminMail": "[email protected]",
      "AdminMailPassword": "yourpassword",
      "minWords": 50
    • Specific questions for specific ranks
    • Print Questions above answers
    • Command to read and accept applications

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