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1.20 (obsolete) StaffChat

Allows staff members to chat privately in group, and to spy on whispers

  1. Ancientgods
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    - Allows staffmembers to chat privately to eachother in a groupchat.
    - Allows staff members to spy on people their whispers


    /s - talk in the staffchat
    /sinvite - Invite a non-staff to the staffchat
    /skick - Kick a non-staff from the staffchat
    /sclear - Kick ALL non-staff from the staffchat
    /slist - List all current guests in the staffchat
    /staff - List all online staff members (that have staffchat.staffmember permission)
    /spywhisper - Toggle spying on whispers

Recent Reviews

  1. 5/5,
    Having used this plugin feature in your old AIO plugin I have to say this was my favourite part of all. The ability to chat with your staff in private in game is a nice touch and was always a great help in sorting out server side disputes and in general just a great place for staff to have a good laugh :D

    This is a "MUST HAVE" plugin for any server!