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2.1 Switch Commands 1.0.2

Allows players to run commands by hitting a switch/lever/pressure plate

  1. Johuan
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    Allows players to run a list of commands by hitting a lever/switch or stepping over a pressure plate

    /switch - Allows you to click a switch to bind commands to
    • /switch add <command> - Adds a command to the current switch
    • /switch list - Shows all the commands in a switch (also shows index)
    • /switch del <index> - Deletes a command with the index
    • /switch cooldown <seconds> - Sets a cooldown for the switch
    • /switch ignoreperms <true/false> - Allows players to ignore permissions when using commands
    • /switch cancel - Cancels editing the current switch
    • /switch rebind - Allows you to choose another switch to edit
    • /switch done - Finalizes switch editing
    Use $name in your commands to use the name of the person who hit the switch.

    switchcommands - Allows the use of the /switch command

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    Version: 1.0.2
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