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2.0 (obsolete) Team Commands 1.1

Run commands for an entire team instead of an individual player

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    Are you bothered by manually having to give people an item or teleport them? This plugin removes this inconvenience by giving you a set of commands to do things in the vanilla TShock server to an entire team.

    Many of these are similar to the general TShock command, so descriptions aren't really necessary for the most part. Aliases work. The team argument takes red, green, yellow, blue, white/none, and all. Anything else will return the team you're currently on. Each command uses the same permission as its regular TShock counterpart. So for example, you could type /team kill red to kill of the entire red team.

    /team help [pagenumber] - Shows all team commands.
    /team kick <team> [reason]
    /team ban <team> [reason]
    - The same as /ban add
    /team tempban <team> <time> [reason] - The same as /ban addtemp
    /team mute <team> [reason] - Unlike the original, this and the command below either mute or unmute all players instead of toggling it.
    /team unmute <team>
    /team tempgroup <team> <new group>
    /team usergroup <team> <new group> -
    The same as /user group
    /team give <item type/id> <team> [item amount] [prefix id/name]
    /team tphere <team>
    /team gbuff <team> <buff id/name> [time(seconds)]
    /team heal <team>
    /team kill <team>
    /team slap <team> [damage]
    /team who <team> [pagenumber]
    - Shows all players on a certain team.
    /team sendwarp <team> <warpname> - The same as /warp send

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