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2.1 TerraJump [SSC] 2.2.0

Simple jump pads plugin

  1. Rewritten the plugin

    I have rewritten the plugin and made the commands and the config simpler
  2. Back again! API Tick!

    * API Tick
  3. API Tick

    * API tick
  4. API Tick to 1.26

    Hey all!
    I update this plugin to work with unstable but working TShock build!
    * API version 1.26
  5. Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween evryone!!!

    + Disable JumpPads and /j command only for player using command /tjd
    * Fix some bugs
    * Better looking /terrajump command
  6. Config chnges, More loging for bug fixing

    Hey all!
    This is a 2.0.5 version allredy!

    - Wrong config crash
    + More Loging
    + In game update "startus"
  7. A lot of changes!

    * New checking update system
    + Way to change block for JumpPads
    + Customise Reverse
  8. Come back and updated to 1.25 API!

    Hey i come back and i give you fresh new version of Terrajump
    * Updated to 1.25
    * Disable (for a while) checking updates
  9. Edit one permission

    Edit one permission
  10. Checking Update System!

    + Checking Update System!

    System give you informatin of new version in World Selection and give you information about Fail to connect to database.