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Abandoned TerraPvP (Bugged, the teleport is inconsistent) 1.2.1

A plugin that adds arenas where users can join, fight and gain MMR

  1. Ryozuki
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
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    Author: Ryozuki
    TerraPvP is a plugin that adds PvP Matchmaking with a ladder (MMR) and a qeue


    First, create the arena with /tcreate <arena name>, then move to the desired point for the first spawn and type /tsetspawn <arena name> 1, then move to second point and do the command with the number 2.
    (It's same as when you make warps)
    Then, save the arena with /tsave<name>

    To fight against people enter the queue with /tqueue.

    • /tjoin <arena id>
    • /tleave <arena name>
    • /tstats
    • /tlist (lists the available arenas)
    • /tlistp (list the current players in the arena you are in)
    • /tcreate (Start creating a arena)
    • /taddspawn (As many as you want)
    • /tsave <arena name> (When you added the spawns, save the arena)
    • /tdel <arena name>
    • /ttopten (Top ten players sorted by MMR)
    • terrapvp.join (/tjoin, /tleave, /tlist, /tlistp)
    • terrapvp.stats (/tstats, /ttopten)
    • terrapvp.arena (/tsave, /tcreate, /tsetspawn, /tdel)

    "BonusWinMMR": 25,
    "DefaultMMR": 1500,
    "SecondsToStart": 60,
    "MinPlayersToCountDown": 3,
    "RankList": [
    "name": "copper",
    "mmr": 0
    "name": "silver",
    "mmr": 1700
    "name": "gold",
    "mmr": 2000
    "name": "adamantite",
    "mmr": 2400
    "name": "luminite",
    "mmr": 2800
    "BannedCommands": [
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Recent Updates

  1. Massive rework
  2. api tick 2.1
  3. Fixing the mess, and new commands.