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Abandoned TerraPvP (Bugged, the teleport is inconsistent) 1.2.1

A plugin that adds arenas where users can join, fight and gain MMR

  1. Massive rework

    - I changed how the whole system works and fixed lot of bugs (i think), now you can add infinite spawns, so you can have arenas of e.g 24 players.
    - You get or lose MMR depending on the amount of players playing and when you died (e.g if you died early or late).

    This is the MMR algorithm
    MMR += (aliveplayers > Players.Count / 2) ? -aliveplayers : Players.Count - aliveplayers;
    // winner mmr calculation
    winner.MMR += Players.Count + TerraPvP.Config.BonusWinMMR;
    - Added...
  2. api tick 2.1

    api tick 2.1
  3. Fixing the mess, and new commands.

    • Added queue leave command (/tleave)
    • Added force commands, [/queue <name and /tleave <name] (Check the permissions needed on the README)
    • Refactored lot of code (now it should work better, and lot of bugs may have been fixed, report if you encounter one)
    • Command to list players in the queue (/tinqueue)
    • Fix error when using /del with no arguments
    TODO features (in next update i guess):
    • Surrender...
  4. Api tick 2.0

    Updated plugin to api tick 2.0
  5. Bug fixes

    Fixed null checks
  6. Bug fixes

    • Teleports now work better
    • Better name for commands