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1.20 (obsolete) Trivia [Requires SEconomy]

Random questions for everyone to answer :)

  1. Ancientgods
    API Version:
    TShock Version:
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    This plugin will ask questions, and players will be able to answer them and gain money doing so. (All answers are case insensitive)

    /answer (or /a) <answer here> - Answer the trivia question
    /triviareload - reload the trivia config file

    trivia.reload - usage of /triviareload

    The default trivia config file, comes with 221 questions, but it is advised to add some of your own questions, because everyone can read the source code. A good site to find Q and A is www.randomtriviagenerator.com

    A question can have multiple answers, seperated by a comma

    Default trivia config: Click Here

    Config explained

    Enabled: Disable or enable trivia
    Questioninterval: The time between trivia ending and then next question
    AnswerTime: The amount of time players have to answer the current question.
    DisplayWrongAnswers: If true, players will be told what wrong answers everyone has entered after someone answers the question correctly.
    CurrencyAmount: The amount of money players will receive when they've correctly answered the question.
    QuestionAndAnswers: This is an array containing all questions followed by it's answer.
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Recent Updates

  1. Updated for
  2. Updated for 1.3
  3. No more bugs (hopefully)

Recent Reviews

  1. 5/5,
    Version: 2.0
    With my current tests this is working functionally with TShock 4.2.10 for Terraria and is a definite must have for any server be it a fledgeling or a well known server!
  2. Kojiro_S
    Version: 1.1
    Makes the chat window more fun with random trivia customizable to suit your needs.