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REST v3 TServerWeb.com - Web based tshock manager and terraria server list

An online tshock server manager interface. Fully manage your server from the website, anywhere.

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    This is the release thread and online support thread for TServerWeb. Please post any questions, comments, or suggestions here as I continue to develop the project. This project took over a year to develop to point of release and I will continue to support it in the future.

    This should work with any version of TShock, but if you experience any errors please let me know what version you are running. Some of the REST API Endpoints may have changed.

    Follow the project on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TServerWeb

    What does it do?
    With TServerWeb you can control your TShock server online through the website. You simply need to enable the TShock REST API in your server configuration. This includes the following:
    • Viewing who is online
    • Kicking, banning, healing and viewing player inventory
    • Running console commands
    • Managing the user groups, including the permissions and color
    • Editing members and their group
    • Executing World commands, such as spawning a meteor
    • Managing your banned users and lifting a ban
    • Server listed with public profile (free advertising)
    • Easily manage multiple servers (publicly listed or private)
    • Easily allow co-admins to manage your server
    View the Demo

    How do I enable the TShock REST API?
    To enable the TShock REST API, you need to open a second port on your server. The API is a seperate service that runs along side your Terraria Server (powered by TShock). Open the configuration and look for the following lines:

      "RestApiEnabled": false,
      "RestApiPort": 7878,
    Set the "RestApiEnable" option to true. Once this is done you will need to restart your server and the API will be running on the port specified. You can now login to your control panel and add the server API information to start using the control panel. You must use a user account in a group with the restapi permission assigned to that group or your superadmin account for the API to function properly.

    How is this helpful?
    I originally started this project for myself to manage my own server. I wanted a way to easily setup the groups, group colors and permissions without having to type a series of comments to get things setup the way I wanted. Once I started to realize how powerful the REST API is, I wanted to take advantage of it and decided to let others use it too and incorporate as much of the API as I possibly could. As it turned out, I had a lot of fun along a way and met some great people.

    TO-DO List
    • Allow server admins to add sub-accounts as moderators to a server
    • Make it easier to vote for the server in-game (plugin coming soon)
    • Plugin for viewing the raw server log on the website (in progress)
    • Player statistical tracking
    • Server uptime monitoring
    • RSS Feed for server list
    • Ability to give users items easily
    • Terraria Server cronjobs (execute commands every x hours)
    • Macros (execute a series of commands easily)
    • Investigate the possibility of connecting directly to the SQL database
    • Banned items management
    • Customized banner/share options (in progress)
    • Statistical information tracking
    • Embeddable vote button
    • Make the design responsive, so it works on your tablet/phone
    • Redesign server profile page
    This project is still in active development, if you see errors please just try again or let me know so I can fix it right away.


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