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Any TShock Ping Server Checker

Windows tool to check for TShock Server is running

  1. GrandPa-G

    TShockPing.exe provides a tool to check to see if a TShock server is running and accepting game requests.

    The program attempts to connect to the TShock server and also see if a game player can be established. No game is actually started but a response is required from the server to indicate the server is active. Typical ping commands may find the server even when the server is not responding correctly.

    The command will return an errorlevel windows value that can be checked. The status returns possible are:
    • Server responding, success = 1
    • Server not responding = 2
    • No valid response received = 3
    • Bad Arguments given = 4
    The command could be placed in a batch scheduled command file that periodically checks the status of the server and takes some action if the outcome is not expected.

    Command line options are:
    • -ip <address> (required)
    • -port <port number> (required)
    • -v (prints details of connection and options given and status possibilities)
    • -retry <number> (the command will loop <number> times before quitting - optional)
    • -sleep <number> (number of seconds to wait between each try. Default is 2. Only use if slow connections or heavily loaded server - optional)
    A command file might look like:

    @echo on
    TShockPing.exe -ip -port 7778 -retry 3
    @echo off
    if errorlevel 1 (
       echo Failure Reason Given is %errorlevel%
       exit /b %errorlevel%