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2.1 TSWVote 2.3

Allows in-game voting using the tserverweb.com platform.

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    TSWVote for TServerWeb.com
    Author Credit: Loganizer, Simon311.

    TSWVote (Or TServerWeb Vote) is a plugin that allow voting of servers registered on TServerWeb.com from in-game.

    Setting up and configuring
    Setting the plugin to work is relatively simple. All you have to do is put the DLL file into your ServerPlugins folder and then go to "manage" on your server at TServerWeb, and select the tab "Server Plugins." From here, select "Manage" in the In-Game voting box. This will automatically detect and configure the plugin.

    There are also some options on the manage page. In the "Commands" tab, you can define commands that will run after a successful vote. This could heal a player, reward a player with a currency, and many other options. The "Thank You Message" is what will be shown to a player on a successful vote.

    To vote, just type /vote in-game. There is no permission required.
    If needed, you can manually change the server ID with /tserverweb [ID]. This requires the permission vote.changeid. This should be done automatically, though.

    Note: /tswversioncheck is meant for TServerWeb.com to check for updates.


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