1.19 (obsolete) Unplaceables 1.2

A plugin to place unplaceable tiles!

  1. Patrikk
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    Unplaceables is a plugin which allows users to place such world generated decoration tiles using their wrench, which they are unable to place with any Terraria item.

    • Place over 358 decorations within 28 types of tiles.
    • The Unplaceables are placed by simply using a wrench.
    1) Use the provided guide to pick your selection of Unplaceable.
    2) Execute the command! Eg: /place 12 1 (Heart Crystal)
    3) Click with your wrench on a solid surface to place the tile!
    4) Dance of joy!

    Additional info:
    - After successfully placing an Unplaceable, your wrench will automatically reset and go back to placing wires.
    - By using the -auto parameter, you are able to place Unplaceables continuously until you execute /place off.
    - Some Unplaceables can be only placed in their own biome. Thus it will give an error message that it failed to place. (example: corrupt grass plants can only be placed on corrupt grass tiles.)

    • /place help - Displays a short information about the command.
    • /place list - Lists all Unplaceable IDs.
    • /place <ID> <style> - Triggers one time tile placing.
    • /place <ID> <style> -auto - Enables continuous tile placing
    • /place off - Exits Unplaceable tile placing
    • unplaceables.place - Allows user to use /place command.
    • unplaceables.auto - Allows user to use the -auto parameter.
    I've created a list/guide with all the Unplaceable ID's and their styles.
    To view the guide, click here!
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Recent Reviews

  1. RBTTT
    Version: 1.0
    This is so useful for creative servers. I hope to see more stuff coming in future updates.
    1. Patrikk
      Author's Response
      Glad you like! ^^ Feel free to make improvement suggestions. :)
  2. hiarni
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome! ;>
    1. Patrikk
      Author's Response
      Grassyass ^^