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1.25 (obsolete) User Specific Functions 1.4.8


  1. Professor X
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    • Set a custom prefix, suffix or a color for a player without creating a whole new group for them.
    • Staff is able to add/remove or change the stated.
    • /us prefix <player name> <prefix> - sets the player's prefix
    • /us suffix <player name> <suffix> - sets the player's suffix
    • /us color <player name> <rrr,ggg,bbb> - sets the player's color
    • /us remove <player name> <prefix/suffix/color> - removes the selected option from the player
    • /us read <player name> - returns the player's data
    • /us purge - purges all users without any data from the database
    • /permission add <player name> <permission> - adds a permission
    • /permission remove <player name> <permission> - removes a permission
    • /permission list <player name> [page] - lists the player's permissions
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Recent Reviews

  1. Da Bomber
    Da Bomber
    Version: 1.4.8
    Hello, Professor X. I'm new to tshock and am enjoying all of your plugins! This plugin especially is pretty cool because it allows assigning a prefix, suffix, color or a permission to a player instead of the whole group! :)
  2. JoakimL
    Really usefull plugin! I've always wanted a plugin like this. Now I don't have to make new groups to get different colors and prefixes/suffixes when I want the same permissions.