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1.25 (obsolete) User Specific Functions 1.4.8


  1. UserSpecificFunctions v1.4.8

    Professor X
    API 1.25
  2. UserSpecificFunctions v1.4.7

    Professor X
    • Fixed database timeouts.
    • Help command now ignores negated commands.
    • /us color and /permission commands now use the proper user search method.
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  3. UserSpecificFunctions v1.4.6

    Professor X
    • Fixes the /help command; /help will now show negated commands. This will be fixed as soon as I find time to fix it, since the user search method needs fixing too
  4. Negated Permissions

    Professor X
    UserSpecificFunctions v1.4.5
    • Added cache memory for faster data fetching; Fixes delay caused by /help.
    • Fixed new permissions not being added correctly
    • Fixed an issue where players without any permissions wouldn't get removed from the database
    • Added permission.* node support
    • Added negated permissions; Players are no longer able to use commands they inherited the normal way, if negated
  5. API 1.23

    Professor X
    Updated for TShock 4.3.16. This version takes advantage of the newly added PlayerPermission hook (courtesy of @Enerdy). This means that players will finally be able to do certain actions if they have the proper permission. E.g players with tshock.world.modify permission will now be able to actually break blocks, and tshock.admin.nokick will take effect. If there are any issues with this build please contact me ASAP.
  6. ChatAboveHeads support

    Professor X
    The plugin should now be compatible with ChatAboveHeads.

    Minor changes include:
    • Whitespace permissions fix
    • Checks if the user actually has any modified data upon /us reset
    • A new User search method that supports exact name search (@Kojiro_S)
  7. Trying to figure out what's wrong with RM

    Professor X
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  8. Fixes the player issue

    Professor X
  9. LoadDatabase() fix

    Professor X
    Fixes the excepetion that was thrown on start.
  10. Added User Specific Permissions

    Professor X
    The update adds user specific permissions that work exactly as /us prefix/suffix/color.


    Things that are not supported by user specific permissions:

    • /kick immunity
    • Projectile/etc Treshold
    • Building permissions
    • And anything of this kind.