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1.25 (obsolete) User Specific Functions 1.4.8


  1. API Tick

    Professor X
    • Added a config to limit prefix/suffix length and ban certain words from being used
    • "usf.set" is no longer used and was split into multiple permissions
      • us.prefix - /us prefix
      • us.suffix - /us suffix
      • us.color - /us color
      • us.setother - setting/removing user's data
      • us.remove.prefix /us remove <player name> prefix
      • us.remove.suffix - /us remove <player name> suffix
      • us.remove.color - /us remove <player name> color
      • us.reset - /us reset -...
  2. Supports silent commands

    Professor X
    Fixed Kojiro's issue
  3. API 1.21 Tick

    Professor X
    Updated for API 1.21
  4. Players are now able to read other player's prefix/suffix/color

    Professor X
    You can now read the player's prefix/suffix/color if the third parameter isn't passed.
  5. Update to TShock 4.3.6 Pre-Release

    Professor X
    Updated for API 1,20
  6. Updated to API 1,19

    Professor X
    Updated to API 1,19 and TShock 4.3.3
  7. Fixed the color issue

    Professor X
    The update fixes the color issue where the color doesn't change back to the group's default when using /us remove. Also, TSPlayer.All.SendMessage has been replaced with TShock.Utils.Broadcast so the chat gets sent to the console.