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2.1 Vanillafier 1

Quickly creates a vanilla-style group and assigns all users to it

  1. Wight
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    Vanillafier provides a quick way to disable most of TShock's protection mechanisms, allowing your users to play without restrictions.

    Use at your own risk. This plugin will allow users to destroy your entire world.

    What it does:
    • Creates a new group 'Vanillafied'
    • Moves all users (except superadmins) to the Vanillafied group
    • Updates your TShock config file so that new users & guest users will be added to the Vanillafied group
    The plugin does not include a way to reverse this process.

    How to use it:
    • Install the plugin
    • Run the 'vanillafy' command
    • Read the output message and confirm that you do actually want to do this (see attached screenshot)
    • Complete

    The Vanillafied group contains the following permissions:
    • tshock.ignore.*
      • Disables 'ignore' protections. No restrictions will be placed on
        • Tile edits (create/destroy/etc)
        • Damage
        • Projectile creation
        • etc
    • tshock.npc.hurttown
      • Allows players to damage town NPCs
    • tshock.npc.startinvasion
      • Allows players to start NPC invasions
    • tshock.npc.startdd2
      • Allows players to start the DD2 event
    • tshock.npc.summonboss
      • Allows players to use boss summoning items to summon bosses
    • tshock.tp.rod
      • Allows players to use the Rod of Discord
    • tshock.tp.wormhole
      • Allows players to use the Wormhole potion
    • tshock.world.editspawn
      • Allows players to edit the world spawn point
    • tshock.world.modify
      • Allows players to modify the world (place/destroy tiles, etc)
    • tshock.world.movenpc
      • Allows players to move the housing of Town NPCs
    • tshock.world.paint
      • Allows players to modify paint on tiles (add/remove/change/etc)
    • tshock.world.time.usesundial
      • Allows players to use the Sundial item
    • tshock.world.toggleparty
      • Allows players to activate the Party event
    • tshock.canchat
      • Allows players to chat
    • tshock.partychat
      • Allows players to use party chat (via /p, /party)
    • tshock.thirdperson
      • Allows players to use third person chat (/me)
    • tshock.whisper
      • Allows players to whisper each other (/w, /whisper, /tell)


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Recent Updates

  1. Added a few missing permissions