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1.22 (obsolete) Version Information

Check Server and Plugin Version and download and manage BAT file

  1. GrandPa-G
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    A simple GUI program to check the current version of your TShock server and the plugins you have from a remote program. This program is executed on any computer that has access to the server via a REST API connection. The VersionInfo.dll must be installed as a plugin on the server to make the program work.

    New in version

    The Server Tab will retrieve as much information as possible about a TShock server and any plugins located in the ServerPlugins folder. If this tool is executed on the server, then the Local Server button is used to locate the server and all the plugins. If you wish to get information from the remote server, then click on the Remote Server button. Login credentials may be required to access your server. The Author and Description information is not available for local server version information.
    Once the login credentials are entered, they will be remembered.

    There is a Get Latest button to retrieve the latest version of TShock server software. A location for the download will be required.

    The create and maintenance of a BAT file (commands) to run TShock with a number of popular options. The file can be saved to be used to control the method in which TShock is executed.

    BAT File.JPG
    The purpose of this tab is to create or modify a batch file to be used on the server hosting the TShock software. There are defaults suggested which can easily be change by clicking on the various options. The default bat file will change the directory to the TShock folder and execute TerrariaServer.exe. When the server exits, then a delay of 5 seconds (default) will happen the the process will start over.

    The various options on the left are common command line options. For the option which have files or paths, double clicking on the option field will display a dialog box to help find the value desired. The Modify button will update whatever text is currently display to change the command line parameters. Manually editing the text file is also acceptable.

    [Note:] This program is a work in progress and any suggestions are welcome.
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