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2.0 (obsolete) Vote 2.1.1

Gives players the right to vote on a mass of operations.

  1. Mistining
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    Vote is a TShock-based plugin aimed to allow players to vote for a mass of things including banning, kicking, killing, and muting players, and executing commands. Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.

    Note: To use this plugin, you must make sure that all players have logined.

    • /vote <ban/kick/mute/kill> <player> - Starts a new vote on a player.
    • /vote <command line> - Starts a new vote on executing a command.
    • /vote help [page] - Gets a list of helps.
    • /reason <reason> - Adds your reason to the vote you started.
    • /assent [player] - Votes for a player.
    • /dissent [player] - Votes against a player.
      • /y - Confirms your vote.
      • /n - Cancel your vote.

    e.g. How to start a new vote on /rocket mist
    1. /vote /rocket mist // System: Vote will be started after using /reason <Reason>
    2. /reason test-for-fun // System: Vote: /rocket mist for test-for-fun by mistwang started.
    3. Now, use /assent or /dissent to cast votes. // System: Really vote for/against /rocket mist? Use /y to confirm, /n to cancel.
    4. Use /y to confirm your answer.
    How does this plugin work
    This plugin will use a server-player wheel in group wheel to execute commands.

    Group wheel will be created the first time you use this plugin. It will has these permissions: Permissions.ban, Permissions.kick, Permissions.mute, Permissions.kill

    You can also change the group to another such as trustedadmin, but you should never change the group to superadmin, as players may execute some destructive commands.

Recent Reviews

  1. IamUSER
    Version: 2.1.1
    Works well! Only addition that would be cool is allowing users to create polls and vote on those.