2.1 World Refill Updated 2018-11-24

Updated Plugin

  1. crackruckles
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    Updated the old World Refill plugin to work with current version.

    If you use the /genhouse, /genisland, /genhellevator commands you need to log off and log back in to see the effects.

    /gencrystals (amount to generate) - life crystals
    /genpots (amount to generate)
    /genorbs (amount to generate) - shadow orbs / crimson hearts
    /genaltars (amount to generate)
    /gentraps (amount to generate) - takes a few seconds longer than the others..
    /genstatues (amount to generate)
    /genwebs (amount to generate - in *piles* and can fill your world with webs quickly)
    /genores (ore or gem name) (amount to generate)
    /genchests (amount to generate) - uproots empty chests on the map, stocks and hides the amount you specify.. optionally select default/easy/all
    • Genchests can now support MarioE's infinite chest plugin, use configuration option "UseInfiniteChests": true in WorldRefillConfig.json
    • 'default' option will select a random item from the pool defined in the config
    • 'easy' option will select a random easymode item
    • 'all' option will select a random item from every item in the game
    • these items get put in the first slot of the chest; the rest of the slots have randomly generated loot akin to chests you would find from a normal worldgen
    Destructive commands

    /genhouse - generates a mine house at your current position
    /gentrees - peppers the world surface with trees - instant forestation!
    /genpatch - generates a mushroom patch (use underground or you'll just get mud!)
    /genihouse - generates a floating island house
    /genisland - generates a floating island 50 tiles above you
    /genpyramid - generates a pyramid below you
    /hellevator - creates a chute that takes you to hell.

    it will *attempt* to generate the amount you specify (when applicable), and it will let you know how many it truly generated

    requires tshock.world.causeevents permission

    Original plugin: https://github.com/k0rd/WorldRefill/raw/master/Compiled/WorldRefill.dll
    source: https://github.com/k0rd/WorldRefill

    Special thanks to @k0rd , @IcyPhoenix and @celebi23 for their contributions to the project.