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Abandoned WorldEdit 1.4.9

Adds mass tile editing commands for TShock.

  1. API 1.25 Compatibility

    Now supports Terraria Server API 1.25 & TShock 4.3.19.
  2. API 1.24 Compatibility

    Now supports Terraria Server API v1.24 & TShock v4.3.18.
    This update was brought to you by @Mistining!
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  3. Fix //shift, add //inactive

    • Fixed the //shift command.
    • Added a new //inactive command to actuate tiles (credits to @Mistining).
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  4. WorldEdit v1.4.5 - Supports Terraria Server v1.3.1.1

    Now runs under TShock v4.3.16 and Terraria Server API v1.23.
    Note: I'm aware of an issue with copypasting tile entities (such as logic sensors), but other than that, the plugin seems to work fine. The mentioned bug will be fixed at a later date.
  5. Now supports TShock 4.3.13

    Practically a compatibility update.