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2.1 WorldEdit 1.7.4

Adds mass tile editing commands for TShock.

  1. Mistining
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    Originally made by @MarioE (OP), maintained by mistzzt and Nyx Studios.
    Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.


    Allows for mass modification of tiles. Any data is stored in the worldedit folder, including clipboards, schematics, and redo/undo data.​

    If you have used old version (< 1.7.1) WorldEdit before, then you should know that all clipboard/undo/redo saving will be deleted once new plugin has been installed, because we now use Player's UserId as the file name. Schematic files will not been deleted.
    • //all - Selects the entire world.
    • //activate - Activates non-working signs, chests or item frames
    • //biome <biome1> <biome2> - Converts all of the tiles in the selection that correspond to the first biome to the tiles that correspond with the second biome.
    • //copy - Copies the selection to the clipboard.
    • //cut - Cuts the selection into the clipboard.
    • //drain - Drains liquids from the selection.
    • //inactive <on/off/reverse> - Actuates tiles in the worldedit selection, turning them active/inactive.
    • //fixghosts - Fixes invisible signs, chests and item frames.
    • //fixgrass - Fixes suffocated grass in the selection.
    • //fixhalves - Fixes covered half blocks in the selection.
    • //fixslopes - Fixes covered slopes in the selection.
    • //flip <direction> - Flips the contents of the clipboard. <direction> can contain any amount of X's and Y's; each occurrence will flip the direction. E.g., XXYY would leave the clipboard unchanged.
    • //flood <liquid> - Floods the selection with a liquid.
    • //mow - Mows grass, thorns, and vines in the selection.
    • //near <radius> - Selects an area around you.
    • //outline <tile> <color> <state> [=> boolean expr...] - Sets block outline around blocks in area
    • //outlinewall <wall> [color] [=> boolean expr...] - Sets wall outline around walls in area.
    • //paint <color> [=> boolean expr...] - Paints all of the tiles in the selection. You can use "blank" to remove paint.
    • //paintwall <color> [=> boolean expr...] - Paints all of the walls in the selection. You can use "blank" to remove paint.
    • //paste [alignment] [=> boolean expr...] - Pastes the clipboard to the first point. The alignment specifies the paste "direction" -- it can be l, r, t, b, or a combination of those letters. For example, //paste rb would paste as if the first point were the right-bottom.
    • //point1 [x] [y] - Sets the first point of the selection. (or //p1)
    • //point2 [x] [y] - Sets the second point of the selection. (or //p2)
    • //redo [steps] [account] - Redoes that many actions for the account, if possible.
    • //region [name] - Selects a region to perform actions on.
    • //resize <direction(s)> <amount> - Resizes the selection -- you can specify multiple directions.
    • //rotate <degrees> - Rotates the clipboard's contents by the specified angle, in degrees. Only multiples of 90 are accepted.
    • //schematic - Schematic commands: (or //schem)
      • //schematic delete <name> - Deletes the specified schematic if possible.
      • //schematic help - Lists all schematic commands.
      • //schematic list [page] - Lists the available schematics.
      • //schematic load <name> - Loads the specified schematic to the clipboard if it exists.
      • //schematic save <name> - Saves the contents of the clipboard to the specified schematic.
    • //select <selection type> - Sets the way that tiles are selected. Valid arguments include: altcheckers, checkers, ellipse, normal, outline, border, 45, and 225.
    • //set <tile> [=> boolean expr...] - Sets all of the tiles in the selection to <tile>.
    • //setwall <wall>[=> boolean expr...] - Sets all of the walls in the selection to <wall>.
    • //setwire <wire> <state> [=> boolean expr...] - Sets all of the wire states in the section.
    • //shift <direction(s)> <amount> - Moves the selection -- you can supply multiple directions.
    • //undo [steps] [account] - Undoes that many actions for the account, if possible.
    • //scale <scale> - Scale the clipboard
    • //smooth - Smooths blocks in the worldedit selection.
    Some commands accept boolean expressions, allowing you to change the conditions of the command. These variables exist:

    • tile (t) - Can function as boolean if used by itself: e.g., => tile checks if there is a tile, => tile = dirt checks if the tile is dirt.
    • tilepaint (tp) - Can function as boolean if used by itself, see above
    • wall (w) - Can function as boolean if used by itself, see above
    • wallpaint (wp)- Can function as boolean if used by itself, see above
    • honey
    • lava
    • liquid
    • water
    • wire
    • wire2
    • wire3
    • wire4
    You could paint all wood tiles with walls green with //paint green => tile = wood & wall, set green-painted tiles without walls to lava with //set lava => tilepaint = green & !wall, set dirt and wood to honey with //set honey => tile = dirt | tile = wood, and so on.

    Starting on v1.4.5, specific items may alter the way you can select points. The first of such items is The Grand Design. While using it, not only can you make single clicks to set points like normally from anywhere in your screen, but you can also select an entire Rectangular shape in one go by clicking and dragging the selection size. Using this in conjunction with either //point1 or //point2 will select both points at the same time. This also allows you to select any region that may happen to intersect your selected area, if using //region (but only one region at a time).
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