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2.1 ZAdminCmds 1.2.8

A few extra commands for TShock server admins.

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    /baninfo <player name>: Lists the ban information (name, IP, date banned, expiration date, banned by, reason) for a given player.
    /bansearch <-un/-ip> <username/IP>: Searches the ban table for the given username or IP and lists any banned players that match the search. IP search allows wildcards (*) in place of any octet.
    /xid: Lists online players along with their given index ("xid") number.
    /usergroups (/ug) [all/reload]: Lists online players sorted by group. See config information below for more details.
    /pmute <player>: Permamutes a player by IP address.
    /dayregion <add/del> <region name>: Sets the given region to have the surface background displayed to anyone in it.
    /ptime <day/noon/night/midnight/off>: Sets your personal time to the given time. Will reset to that specific time within each minute.

    highestRankToDisplay: Any groups with an associated rank higher than this number will not be displayed without specifying "/ug all". (This is useful if you want to hide your default/guest groups from displaying, for example.)
    showGroupNameInsteadOfPrefix: By default, groups are listed using its prefix. If this is changed to true, group names will be listed instead.
    groupranks: Associates each group to a rank number. If an existing group does not have an associated rank, players in that group will not be listed.
      "highestRankToDisplay": 1,
      "showGroupNameInsteadOfPrefix": false,
      "groupranks": {
        "7": "guest",
        "6": "default",
        "5": "newadmin",
        "4": "admin",
        "3": "trustedadmin",
        "2": "vip",
        "1": "superadmin"
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